How to start an Online Business- Get out of debt.

The story of The Hardworking ‘Poor’ People – The need to Get out of debt

Growing up we all have taught that good morals, integrity, believing in your self and other noble traits are good for our own beliefs and personalities, These are what builds character, interactions and confidence in one’s self and also strengthens our inter-actions with other people.

However, in the real world, it goes without saying that the above mentioned character traits are necessary, yet to be able to financially satisfy our day to day needs, the creation of ‘money’ takes priority over all. We all have that animal instincts that spur us on to take ‘care’ of those entrusted to us.

The so-called good people spend their whole lives servicing their debt. They work hard for a ‘so-called’ stable company and dedicate their whole lives earning a meger salary, so much so that life goes so fast pass us that we don’t have time to smell the coffee let alone spending time with our family and loved ones. The irony is that we spend so much time at work in order to give our loved ones a so called better life.

The accumulation of wealth out weights all our moral etiquette to such an extent that people resort to a life of crime and even ‘scam’ innocent persons, taking their hard-earned money to satisfy their own needs. Sounds unrealistic and unbelievable, yet this is reality. Have you ever seen a ‘poor’ person being respected, honored or even given a free meal? Take a walk to a really expensive restaurant and you will notice big business people offering free lunches to other rich persons and making ‘deals’ to make more money and this even though they have millions in the bank. Did that poor person who is really hungry and needed that ‘free’ meal even given a choice, maybe a few pence thrown at him that won’t buy a loaf of bread

The reality is that if our salaries or wages is not enough to service our debt’ we fall into this trap of borrowing from Paul to pay Peter and then go back to Peter to pay Paul. Think about it, that we get a temporary sigh of relieve when we go the bank and the institute makes us feel that they are doing us such a great favor, that we start to worship the ground they walk on until we do some serious retrospection and we find that the only thing that these institutes were doing, is to keep us in debt, so that they can make money from our misery and misfortunes.

I hope I have scared ‘the socks of you’. Sometimes we need to be shocked out of our mundane and comfort zone, shaken by our boot straps and told to smell the roses of reality and take stock of ourselves and where we want to go. Is there a light in this financial tunnel we seem to be stuck in?

Let’s take a brief ‘peep’ into the lives of those who are ‘battling to make ends meet’ and those who seem to have everything and why these people are in the position they are in. We have already discussed the so called ‘poor’ people. Let’s now look at the other side, the so called ‘rich’ people. Did they get a lucky break? maybe. A silver spoon in their mouth? definitely some did however majority of people become wealthy through hard work and the majority started their own businesses. Some even sit in high towers and get other people, people like you and me, to ‘make’ their money for them. How do they do this? How is Starting your own on line Business going to get you out of debt?

The need to start your own Business

The need to start your own business is of paramount importance for getting out of debt and living a life of financial freedom however we need to ask ourselves what is a successful business? Is it having a product that is a ‘winner’ ? ( this term used in the industry for a product that sells beyond expectations). Is it a product in demand ? When analyzing the successes of companies we will find that the winning ‘formula’ is often not the product/s but the after sale service and it does not matter what field it is. Be it engineering, banking, financial, hospitality industry, tourism and ………. you get the point.

Now, the reality is that people like you and me don’t have tons of money to start a massive business, employing huge numbers of people and raking in huge profits. So do we go back to our mundane jobs, serve our bosses meticulously and hope we will be rewarded with a massive bonus at the end of the day? Do we quit our low-paying jobs in the hope of finding that golden pot at the end of the rainbow? NO definitely no. We use our 14 ounces of our god-given talent and look for an alternative. Something that we can do with very little capital investment, consistently hard work and still keep our jobs. Too good to be true? Is it a dream? or is it far-fetched and not within our reach?

How is Starting your own on line Business going to get you out of debt?

The way forward

What is an on-line business? There are several ways one can start your own on line business.

  • First selling a product that people want and need and thereafter supplying your ‘customer’ with the product/s that will satisfy their need, you give them (your customer) service that is beyond reproach so much so that these people (your customer/s) will become so dependent on you, that they will eventually ask for advice and trust your recommendations.

    You can sell millions of products (in fact millions of products without investing in or keeping these products in huge warehouses) and is the carrot. Your supplier carries the burden of having the products in stock, making sure that payment is received before dispatching the said goods to your customer and you collect the commission.

  • Another way to start your own on line business is affiliate marketing. This simply means that you help other people start their own on line businesses. This can be in the form of recommending them to join an on line platform (recommended by you) where training will be given and a mentor appointed to guide you achieve your goals. Upon completing your training you can recommend other interested people to start their own on line businesses. Again the financial reward is in the form of a commission.
  • Yet another way is to give personal training in the classroom on a one-to-one basis. This is when you can charge a ‘classroom’ fee in addition to receiving a commission

A word of caution. All the above need consistent hard work and dedication. Nobody says quit your present job. This will be foolish and unnecessary. Start part-time and once you are making consistent income, you welcome to be your own boss. I recommend that you make double your income for 6 (six) months before quitting your job

How much does it cost to set-up your own on line Business?

You can get free on line training but disadvantage of this method is that it normally takes a long time before you will see money in your bank. With no mentor ‘holding your hand’ and correcting glaring mistakes, one tends to get frustrated and eventually give it up as a bad job.

On the other hand there are certain recommended on line platforms that will give you the necessary training and also appoint a mentor or coach to guide you and help you set-up your own on line business. These platforms do however charge a nominal monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time.

You can, you should, and if you are brave enough to start, YOU will – Stephan King

We have all heard the saying ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ No one will come to your home to ask if you halve anything to eat for supper or ‘can we pay the rent for you’. You need to take that first step into the unknown. We all have done this before. Your first day in primary school, college, university, etc, etc. Be brave, be strong and follow your own future according to your dreams

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Rafik Karim

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