Financially Independence – Become an entrepreneur

The need to become an entrepreneur and become financially independent

Have you ever thought about why there is more poor people in the world than rich people or should I rather say financially independent people. And the irony is that the very so called poor people are making the rich richer by spending their hard-earned money or products and services offered by the so called rich people. Is this because the rich are given opportunities that the poor are deprived off ?

Take another scenario. Two persons from the same school, the same teachers, the same twenty-fours in a day and yet after some years the one is financially better off than the other. What has happened? Bad luck? Good fortune? ……..

The 80:20 Concept

The 80:20 concept is quite simple. It simply means that 80% of the world’s wealth is owned by 20% of the world’s population. Is there a complicated answer or is the answer glaring straight at us?

Growing up we were all told to study hard at school, go to college, get a degree at university and get into a job with a well-established company. You will have job security, get married, buy a house and a car, have children and go on pension. In all this “cycle of life” we are servicing debt and just keeping our head above the water of financial needs. Sounds corny but is this not how all life is revolving around our finances. This is the life of the 80% of the working population.

Now lets have a look at the 20%. A peep into their financial ‘life’ you find that they were very unhappy with their lives and decided to take their financial well-being in their own hands and change their lives forever. After doing research in the direction they wanted to pursue, they committed to the cause. It was sometimes a very lonely road to follow but they were persistent, were not distracted and removed all hurdles that came their way. It took hard work and then some more.

They became self-made business people and entrepreneurs. They became bosses.

Business opportunities to become Financially Independent

However if you are like me with very little money, with no experience and don’t know where to start, after deciding which “fields” to go into, you need to arm yourselves with certain skills and some of them are:

  1. minimum financial investment
  2. a secure and trustworthy platform where one can operate on
  3. in depth training
  4. a 24-hour problems solving ‘life chat’
  5. a mentor and
  6. a helpful and encouraging internet community

Opportunities are as follows

  1. Forex Trading
  2. affiliate marketing ( selling trusted companies products and services for a commission)
  3. writing stories both children and fiction and non-fiction
  4. Graphic design
  5. web design
  6. to name a few

What does it take to become an entrepreneur and become Financially Independence ?

If one looks at the meaning of the word “entrepreneur” in the oxford dictionary, you will find that it reads as follows “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking financial risks in the hope of making a profit”. Another dictionary defines it as ” a difficult or challenging undertaking; a business project”. I prefer the latter as it is clear and not sugar-coated or disguised.

Yes to become an entrepreneur is going to be a challenge and it is going to be difficult but the financial rewards far out-weight that of being an employee, in other words in a 9 to 5 job. Job security as we were led to believe is a myth in today’s economic climate. We all have heard, read about it or have even experienced it firsthand of a “big and so-called well-established company” retrenching staff or worse closing down completely.

To become an entrepreneur and to become financially independent, is going to take a plan to work to or give you direction, measuring your activities and achievements against that plan and to take corrective action if you are achieving this plan. This is called setting goals and then committing to that goal.

Make no mistake that it is going to take consistent hard work of putting in the effort, even a lonely path, but most important believing in yourself. It becomes easier if you measure yourself against a set goal/s.

Take as an example of a holiday you have been planning for a while. You know what your holiday destination is and will be measuring your progress toward your destination a road map or a GPS (as the case will be in today’s times).

There will be detours on the road, there might be a bridge that is flooded and you cannot cross, you might even get a tire puncture, etc, etc, however at each unforeseen deviation you have one of two choices. Either feel sorry for yourself, curse, swear and even throw a tantrum. The reality is that non of these actions will bring you closer to your holiday destination.

If on the other hand you calmly assess the situation, take the necessary action and get back onto the correct road, you will reach your holiday destination, albeit later than what was originally planned.

Now use the same scenario and apply it to your own business:

  • Set realistic financial goals (daily,weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and one year)
  • measure your achievements against these goals
  • take corrective action if you are slacking and in the event you are ahead of your goals, pat yourself on the back but carry on taking the same action that put you ahead.


In conclusion, on line business can be financially rewarding. Making money should not be the criteria. There are many ways to achieve this on the internet as mentioned above, forex and affiliate marketing. Forex will satisfy an individual’s personal financial goals

Affiliate marketing on the other hand will not only satisfy the needs of people by means of directing them to purchase certain products or services but you can have an influence in creating entrepreneurs who can become financially independent and you get paid for it. The mere fact that you had a hand in influencing people to earn a living and these people satisfying their financial needs. This will result in happy families, personal pride in the bread winners and in turn will lead to better communities.

You have influenced a whole society and all because you helped people in becoming confidant entrepreneurs and here you are thinking that all I wanted to do is become financially independent.

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